More and more small and large businesses, social organisations, governments, research institutes and investors seek new models and solutions that create sustainable economic, social and environmental value and contribute to a world with less social inequality. They are aware of the importance of change and of the need to initiate new forms of cooperation that tackle existing problems and create solutions. Partnerships are therefore increasingly sought for, initiated and developed. Both inside and outside the Netherlands. By creating smart connections between various actors processes of change can become better, faster and cheaper.

At the beginning of 2016 and after diligent preparation ‘Partnering for Social Impact’ became a fact. With this company, I love putting my international management experience, my network and my knowledge of social and sustainable development processes to work to create social value. I work enthusiastically and in an result oriented way on connecting people from NGOs, governments and the private sector, all with their different backgrounds, nationalities, ideas and purposes, to create and/or strengthen joint strategies for social impact.

My personal and business mission is to connect people, stories, nationalities, innovations and solutions in order to improve efforts that promote equal rights and development opportunities for all.

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  • Development of monitoring, evaluation, learning and communication strategy of ICCO office in Colombia and advising on its implementation.
  • Co-author of Global Report for CARE and H&M Foundation on women entrepreneurship;
  • Coordination of a training-coaching project in all international departments of the Ministry/RVO on gender and business;
  • Realization of a guide for SMEs about violence at the workplace;
  • Expert on public-private partnerships and due diligence projects related to prevention of child labor in global supply chains and organization of learnings for partners involved;
  • Strategy development for Plan The Netherlands (in partnership with Ministry of Foreign affairs) on private sector engagement and women empowerment in global supply chains;
  • Report for Plan International NL and Accenture on Investing in girls and young women in global supply chains;
  • Engaging private sector in the garment (Bangladesh) and tourism sector (Nepal, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru) to invest in women economic empowerment;
  • Key note speaker on education for the Netherlands Association of Foundations;
  • Facilitator of process of creation of Manq’a in Colombia – a public-private partnership for young people constructing peace and employment opportunities via the gastronomic world;
  • Blogs on due diligence, gender, child labour, youth, see  https://partneringforsocialimpact.com/blogs/. Article on Impact Investing writing for e.g. Revista Responsabilidad Social Colombia.


With a lot of enthusiasm, I accelerate the creation of strategies and initiatives, and I give direction to the (joint) ideas of passionate entrepreneurs, NGOs, governments and academic institutes, in order to realise each individual as well as common goals and social impact.

Partnering for Social Impact offers the following services:

verkleind miniStart-up and design of (international) connections
  • Analysing trends and developments on specific topics and / or markets for knowledge, cooperation opportunities and/or strategising processes.
  • To (help) create problems, solutions and stakeholder analysis.
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Give direction to (international) partnerships
  • Organise and / or facilitate co-creation sessions to achieve business and / or program planning: mission, strategies, from planned results to execution.
  • Seeking funding for a partnership, account management with donors or investors in The Netherlands.
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Managing (international) partnerships / projects
  • Kick-starting a program.
  • The daily management of a partnership / program / project.
  • The monitoring of a partnership and interim reviews, using not only hard data but also storytelling techniques.
  • Developing (online) monitoring instruments.
  • Advice on adjustment of planning and strategy to achieve desired results.
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Partnership communication : storytelling

Supporting organisations and businesses in the options to present (results of) initiatives, strategies or a partnership. Advise and think along on the possibilities to tell a real corporate, organisation and / or product story in an inspiring, engaging way.

For this, I work together with specialised communication experts. We use numerous communication capabilities. Think of written communication, visual communication with video and photography, using google maps and mobile applications to transform data into  transparent, reliable and appealing presentations.

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Review and evaluation
  • (Interim) review / evaluation of partnerships.
  • Doing a review of strategic project applications.
  • Creating support within organisations for change through e.g. strategic conversations, meetings, collecting stories from employees.



Born in Mexico, I got acquainted with Latin America and its marvellous people. Later on, I travelled to and worked in all other continents and met many people with such interesting stories. Stories that show how resilient and powerful, entrepreneurial, persistent, creative, humorous and friendly people can be. They continue to inspire me to join forces and together create a more just and socially and economically sustainable world by initiating and evolving initiatives with a high social impact. I am doing so based on several core values that are essential in my life: justice, integrity, quality and transparency.  My maxim is: “Ubuntu: I am because we are.”

I am convinced that the solutions to a number of incredibly complex dilemmas in this world lie in bringing together various insights, disciplines and resources. As a cultural anthropologist and economist I have always been convinced that sustainable development requires proper alignment of social, ecological, political and economic dimensions. My personal passion and strength is more on the People side of sustainability. I also belief that a more gentle, qualitative, process oriented approach in combination with quantitative, results-based approaches yields better results.

My experience at internationally operating NGOs, the government, University, the United Nations, and as entrepreneur, developing strategic public-private partnerships, are an added value in this regard.

Analysis, co-creation and strategic development

Facilitating a co-creation process and developing an innovative project idea in an inter-disciplinary team is where I contribute with positive energy and ideas. At ICCO, I had the responsibility to do this on a number of occasions. The Manq’a program in Colombia is an example of such a dynamic process: developing a vocational education program for young people in socially disadvantaged districts, helping small-scale farmers to gain access to the local market for locally produced healthy products, and, enabling young people to develop and export a product with local ingredients that they can be justifiably proud of. I am able to create value for others in making various players join forces (in the Manq’a case Colombian and Dutch entrepreneurs, NGOs and government), each from their own specialty, working together towards a result, and in a good spirit. My contribution in such a process also is to help secure funding.

Multi-stakeholder networks

As manager of the strategy and program development division of the internationally operating NGO ICCO, creating connections was key. Connections within my team, with ICCO’s seven regional offices across the globe, but also to a large extent outside of the organisation, where I represented the board on steering committees of alliances and at the main donor, the Dutch foreign ministry. I bore the final responsibility for collaborations with social organisations (such as WASH, C4C, MVO-platform, WO=Men, CNV),businesses (via BopInc, AKVO, True Price, TextToChange, IDH) and knowledge institutes (for instance PrC, TNO). As a department, we introduced the multi-stakeholder work method – “the Dutch diamond” – at a regional level within the thematic programmes.

For Partnering for Social Impact, I contributed to the creation of a physical and online meeting place for entrepreneurs from the Netherlands interested in Colombia so that businesses can meet, share, learn and inspire each other.

Strategic management in an international NGO

My role as department manager included motivating people to innovate and collectively take pride in successfully implemented initiatives. To create meaningful projects together, both inside and outside of the organisation, together with many other organisations. To enable a group of professionals to keep performing, with a spirit of creativity, entrepreneurship, trust and respect. This also took place during a period in which the organisation faced a number of reorganisations, which for me and my team implied redefining strategies, set priorities, and keep achieving the planned results.

Programme development- and management

For Partnering for Social Impact, I managed several projects. The last one in 2016 was for example a trajectory to integrate gender-issues in  private sector development initiatives of the Netherlands Enterprising Agency.

As programme manager, I was responsible for setting up educational programs in 17 countries in collaboration with other NGOs, establishing and maintaining international relationships together with many other players (NGOs, the ministry, centres of expertise). I also experimented with various digital forms of knowledge management, provided proper accounting to the main donor and assessed the program’s social impact.

Living and working abroad

During my studies I had the privilege to live and work in France, Mexico, Costa Rica and Honduras (especially for UN agencies and governments). Hereafter, interesting and instructive working periods followed on the Netherlands Antilles (policy / program development, the coordination of EU funded projects, strategy and advice on Kingdom Affairs, the coordination of a poverty study), in the Dominican Republic (interim  management for a Red Cross HIV / AIDS prevention programme) and in Brazil (Sao Paulo university). For ICCO, I worked in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Myanmar and Nepal.

Research skills and project management

Besides my research experience in Central America and the Dutch Antilles, I worked in the Netherlands for more than three years as a researcher / project manager for a (partly independent) research institute of the University of Amsterdam. As a program manager and department head at ICCO I have reviewed and supervised several research projects. For Partnering for Social Impact, I coordinated desk and field research, applying amongst others mobile technology to more efficiently and rapidly collect more data and provide actionable intelligence to a variety of stakeholders.

Thematic expertise

Over the years I invested in and communicated about my knowledge of many areas of development (among others via blogs). Partnership building, corporate social responsibility / sustainability (with a degree at Erasmus University), human rights, business and human rights, education for work, child labour, civil society, gender, women and entrepreneurship, social impact measurement and storytelling are areas of expertise I have specific affinity with.

Language skills

I speak good English, Spanish, French, have a good understanding of Portuguese and I have experience with intercultural communication. Therefore, international as well as multi-cultural projects in Dutch society suit me well.

My ideal working environment

I like working in an environment where professionals are involved with each other, willing to share their expertise, complement each other, are enterprising, and strive to provide quality. All this to develop good initiatives and accelerate others.